Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New URL - just in case you weren't sure...

I know I tend to babble, so just in case you weren't sure what the new URL actually is, it's...


{ see...no hyphen! :0) }

URL Change!

Hi, Folks! Angi Crandall, here. No, you haven't gotten here by mistake. This is the OLD URL to my blog...making *hyphen* mayhem.blogspot.com

Funny thing is when I decided that I would start blogging, I tried to get "makingmayhem.blogspot.com" - without the hyphen - but it was already taken. I still liked the name, so I added the hyphen. Of course, that complicates remembering the url to my blog. People often forget the hyphen.

So, I know that sometimes people delete their blogs and names then become available. Long story shorter...I figured out that the person that had taken that url was ME! Apparently, the name was one I really liked...and I had actually taken it about a year before, but had never really finished getting it together!

Weird, eh?

Anyhoo (as K. would say) I have now gotten MY blog url straightened out. Sorry, I know that means that you have to change it, if you subscribe to the feed or have it in your favorites, but all you have to do is delete that dang hyphen!

Hope to see you all soon!